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We’re a global growth agency that specialises in growth consulting, experience design, system development, creative & content, XB ecommerce and SaaS products. We bring all our expertise together, to enable brands to accelerate and stand apart.

  • Aiken Group
  • Aiken Products

2100+ Projects completed over the course of 16 years

Global presence with 8 Offices opened across 4 contients

$115m of products sold on Aiken-ran platforms.

12m people interacted with our work

  • Tech Integration_

    Identifying growth opportunities that fast-forward businesses through digital, creative and commercial services.

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  • Digital Content & eCommerce

    New generation of social commerce and ecommerce SaaS products and services to generate new revenue streams, covering the full spectrum across platform, marketing, data consulting and logistics.

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  • Loyalty_

    Enhancing loyalty strategy for brands to create more frequent touchpoints, retain customers and increase spending with micro-rewards.

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    Esports team management, hospitality & IP-partnership to target new audience segments and drive engagement.

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  • Web 3.0_

    Rapid design and development of web 3.0 technologies to bridge with web 2.0 stack. Shortcut into Web 3.0 with our team of Builders at Aiken Digital.

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